Phillipines, Burma, Thailand June 2006

In 2006 I went on a 3 months trip to visit The Phillipines, Burma and Thailand. After only a couple of days in Bangkok I flu to The Phillipines to dive at Sabang. After 10 great dives I went back to Bangkok for 14 days and then on to Burma. Burma was a very interesting country to visit as it has been closed to the outside world for many years due to the critisized regime that have been ruling the country for about 20 years. Despite the past and everything the people of Burma have put up with for many years we only found freindly and helpful people there. After Burma I went back to Thailand.

(Click on picture to enlarge)

Shooting an AK-47 at Samui


My cusin and San at Koh Samui


Farmers work the old fashion way using buffulos to do the heavy work load


Our guide Yoyo. He took us around Bagan from temple to temple to show us everything Bagan had to offer.


Buddist monk on the top of Pagoda Mandalay


Mount Popo. A fantastic location to put a Pagoda. On the way up staircase is steep and full of nosy monkeys


The view from one of the pagodas in Bagan. A very nice view all the way to Bagan river and the mountains


Nons on their way to the temple. Its a common sight in Bagan in thier colorful ropes and the umbrella as cover for the sun.


Another great shot of a non on her way to the temple


Mandalay Pagoda. Earth Quakes have shaken this temple.

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