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Visiting Auschwitz has long been a ‘must-do’ on our Bucket List 2015


My interest for The Second World War and Holocaust began when I went to Berlin a year before and by coincedent visited the KZ camp called Sachenhausen. After a tour here I was so chocked but also interested to learn more about ‘the darkest time in our history’. This was the reason why we a […]


Tanzania 2014. Africa what made you so strong?


My fifth trip to Africa took me to Tanzania to see the raw wild life at Serengeti NP, Ngorongoro Creater and Manyara Lake plus relaxing at The Island of Zanzibar Archiepalago. I have tried safaris before butt this time it was different for two reasons: I went with my girlfriend and it was a package deal, so everything was […]


World Cup June 2010 South Africa + Mozambique diving


The World Cup in South Africa was one of the most fantastic and brilliant experiences I have ever had. I was looking forward to this event for about four years or ever since it was announced that South Africa was going to be the host country for this fantastic once-in-a-life-time-experience. I was following the progress […]