Diving Thailand November 2003

In 2003 I went to Thailand with my friend Martin to dive at Koh Phi Phi for almost three weeks. I did my Open Water in 1998 at Malta, while Martin was going to get his Padi Open Water certificate at Koh Phi Phi on this trip. After partying 3 days in Bangkok with some locals, we were heading on to the south with the night train. This was my second time at Phi Phi but what a return it was I remember I was so happy to be back and my friend Martin was also very much excited to enjoy the island on land and under water… 

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We met my friend Dua at the Island so we had a romantic dinner at the beach


Lomodee Beach with Dua and the Thai Bob Marley. We grilled fish for dinner.


My friend Martin and Dua at a long boat ready for some snorkelling


From view point at Phi Phi before the Sunami


Drinking at Rolling Stones Bar a perfect place for strong cocktails especially Long Island Ice Tea is good here


Cayaking back from Monkey Island


Martin chilling at Phi Phi


Me and the ladyboy Nat. It took us a while to finally understand it was a ladyboy. Everything was perfect and operated but her voice gave it away. Today its possible to get a voice operation in Bangkok that makes your voice more female


Dua at Reggae Bar


Fire show at Phi Phi


Me and Ju


Restaurant at Phi Phi


Me at Maya Bay Phi Phi in 2003



Martin 10 years ago sitting at Phi Phi Island waiting for a water melon shake


 Martin der forsøger sig med pinde for første gang


Martin at Grand Palace


Me at Grand Palace, If you like my outfit and I bet you do I mhave to disapoint you. You cant buy it anywhere really it was givin to me at the entrance as you are not allowed to wear shorts and t-shirts. 

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  1. Martin 15. oktober 2013 at 18:47 #

    Billeder er altid gode minder… Fantastisk tur, som tiden dog går…. Man er vel en lidt slankere model….

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