Moving on to Belize and diving the Blue Hole

After more than three weeks in Mexico I am about to jump on the bus taking me to groove Belize for at bit of diving in the Blue Hole at Caye Caulker. If I am lucky I will see tiger sharks, bull sharks, and reef sharks. Fingers crossed.

Why dive the Blue Hole: Because it has the biggest concentration af sharks on earth. Besides sharks you will find Giant Grupers and beautiful corals in the hole.

Best experience: The dive and the trip of two hours to the hole is all worth it when you get to see about 20 sharks in the blue the two other dives at the’aqurium’ and a nother place is fantastic too

Worst experience: Putting your diving gear on with a bad bad sun burn (due to snorklling the day before, yeah I never learn)

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Hammerhead sharks is one spicies of shark you can encounter in the blue hole in Belize

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  1. Dr d 22. december 2012 at 08:55 #

    Wow! “Blue Hole” just got a totaly different meaning! Usualy i think of the one i Egypt, near Dahab. This one really live up to it’s name it seems! Enjoy!!!

    • superman 4. august 2013 at 13:05 #

      HAHA yeah its different but there are three blue holes. Good hearing from you mate

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