The long way to Machu Picchu

After 3 days of rough hiking, a bag og coca leaf, 4 bottles of Generator and endless amount of energy cookies my group and I finally reached the Sun Gate of Machu Picchu at 5.30 in the morning only to find most of it covered in mist. As we walked closer it cleared up and we could all stand in awe while this ancient pre hispanic Phenomena took our breath away. Truly a magical moment that will last as long as I live. Despite a knee injury and several blisters I manage to complete – guess coca leafs and Faithless on my Ipod helped boosting my moral when things was worst.

Why walk the Inka Trail: The altenative is taking the bus up and walk the last 500 m too Machu Picchu view. Who wants to do that when you can sweat, struggle and bleed all four days, sleep in a tent while the rain is falling and no toilets for hours.

Best experience: Watching the landscapes from your tent, the sun set, sun rise, locals and lamas walking by, one great view replace another while your guide tell you stories about the Inka people and the ruinas…

Worst experience: Getting a knee injury on the second day

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Getting ready for four days of hiking along The Inka Trail. The group was Swedish, Norwegian and a couple from England.


Son and father wishing us good luck on the first day. Cant tell by looking at his face if he feel sorry for us or envy us for hiking the Inka site.


Our camp the second day. The best view I had from my bed, I mean sleeping bag. When we (the tourists) arrived at the camp site, the carriers had already set up the tents and prepared everything for us. So they would arrive a couple of hours before us. Thats crazy when you think about how much they got on their backs. Nice work guys. 


Cant imagine how it must be like to walk the same track just with a heavyer load – must be hell…Only here I realized that everything we used for setting up the camp like tents, chairs, kitchen equipment, food and different supply was carried up the same way we were walking.


Lots and lots of coca leafs on the way up. Guess Swedish people are used to something similar in snuus.


Our four star restaurant. This was our kitchen tent. Important to eat well when walking 12 hours a day. The big highlights of the day was the meals just like any other day at home I guess. Something never change.


Lamas everywhere on the way up…


Imagine walking along this view for four days. Maaan its great. Plus passing all the ruinas and locals. Something it was like being back in Inka time I would imagine. I never understood why the Inkas left the place suddenly. One theory suggests it was because of all the steps up and down.


Our guides. The guy to the left always said: “any questions amigas”? at the end of a briefing…


At work. Hard work. Got a bad knee from walking without poles. I was lucky that a guy from Norway didnt needed his otherwise I would be propper fucked. Besides that I also recieved massage and tiger balm every day from the guides. It helped for a while.


Our camp site the third day


Lunch with the perfect view to the Inca Trail


Me and my way up. The world record for the Inka Trail is less than 4 hours. We did it in 4 days struggeling.


Faithless in the ear – God is a DJ….


The entire team with guides at the end of the trail with Machu Picchu as backdrop. Awesome! I remember that I was very happy at this point. First and foremost because I completed the hike considering my knee injury, but also because the main site of Machu Picchu was not covered in mist all the time. I got some great shots of the entire site. I remember while walking the trail I was nervous that everything would be covered in mist. When I came here it was almost like the clouds moved away and the place opened up.


The carrier they carry everything we use for the camp in their back. RESPECT!!!


Remember I felt good even though very tired. Feels like yesterday.


Machu Picchu. The one and only…


Beautiful. Did not regret I went on this trip.


Me flashing the Danish flag


Me and Machu Picchu


This is life!


Stretching out after four days of walking the Inca Trail



Day 4. Right after the hike is complited. I was tired but managed to take this photo of our group while people was still standing up. All in all we had a fantastic trip with only little rain during the rainy season, we had a great guide and friendly and helpful people around us 24/7. If I could do the trip again I would do it with the same people and same staff.



Back in Cusco after 4 days hiking up (and down) The Inka Trail.

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