Thai street kitchens

Thailand have the best street kitchen in the world. Look at the pictures and tell me where you have seen such a large sample of different food before. When you travel in Thailand its nice to try a lot of different street food. Most of it taste really great and its always cheap and available on every street corner. What most people dont know is that a street kitchen is passed down through generations, so the woman whos making fried rice have been doing it for many years and her parents before her and so on. Also, the thai street kitchen is very clean and hygenic as the pot and pans are in constant use. And the way they make the food is the same way they have done it for hundred of years.

Why eat at thai street kitchen: Taste better then many restaurants and cheaper

Best experience at street kitchen: Getting a big bowl of rice pork with chili, a date and massage at the same time

Worst experience with thai street kitchen: Honestly dont remember

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Scorpions, worms and beeatles yes the thais eat it for snack and some tourists as well. Its very spicy


Big spiders and grashoppers


Barbeque is commen everywhere in Bangkok


Fried banana


Gelly think its a kind of dessert


Some kind of cookies taste very much like muffins just more crunchy


Dessert of all kinds. Very sweet and colorful


Bangkok is nuts


Not sure what this is both background and in the front




This is chicken hearts in spicy chilli


Fresh chilli


Big buffet of all kind of taste. Spicy, sweet, sour, salty and bitter…


Cant remember what this is


Fish bowls


Crabs and chili


The forbidden fruit that litterally smells like shit. But its not that bad. The name is Durain fruit. Lots of A and B vitamins in it. Its forbidden to bring this fruit on the bus many places in South East Asia because of its smell


This is nice. Small snack sweet and crunchy.


Chicken and fish on the grill cheap and tasty.


This place makes the best smoothis and juice from the best fruit fresh and right of the plant;-)


Dont remember what this is but it was very tasty and a kind of dessert or cake


Fried banana in a leaf


Potatos on a stick


Dumblings. Its meat inside…


Scorpions again. They have an insect farm outside Bangkok where they breed insects such as scorpions, spiders, roaches and snakes – its a good business I guess…


Pancakes with many different toppings


This is a dessert but I dont know what it is…anyone?


Hmmm looks interesting


Some of my favorite thai food. Pork or beef with chili, leafs and some green stuff. And then rice…its only 1 USD on the street


Squid and other stuff too


BBQ on stick


Bangkok sea food restaurant. You can get a nice big grilled fish like a red snapper for about 10 USD including a baked potato


Oisters are cheap and fresh out the water same day. You can get a big bowl for about 5 USD.


Corn and butter makes a perfect snack just before a meal;-)


A cup of corn with butter and salt on the beach site not bad in between lunch and dinner


Omelette and rice simple and tasty I always add some chili to it


Coffee for a nickle. Well made he insured me! “Is good is good”


Dried meat and fish


My favorite soup in Thailand. Ba mee nam. Pork and noodles.


Dont remember this but it was good. Cant almost never tell what it is by looking at it. Thats why you have to try in order to find out what it is.

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  1. love 7. november 2013 at 15:19 #

    hey miss all of these especially the sea foods…I think the last photo its siomai love it!

  2. Jonas Kissling 7. november 2013 at 17:29 #

    Thanks Love I think you are right I just looked it up and looks like siomai…

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