Arkiv | 2012-2013 Central America, South America and Asia aka Full Circle

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Cambodia trip the last days of 8 months on the road


Exploring Cambodia and Angkor Wat is an amazing experience and I can recommend it for sure if you fancy accient temples. The concept is straight forward: You rent a bike or a scooter buide and then you drive around the UNESCO protected area which is almost as big as London. The many different wats (temples) are spread […]


Khaosan Road – backpacker enclave in Bangkok


How could I ever introduce Thailand on my website without including Khaosan Rd. – my second home. Khaosan Rd. is one of the most awesome places on earth to start your journey to whereever. This is where I learned about Thailand, Thai food and Thai people the first years. Ever since I have broaden my perspective […]


Thai massage, foot massage, facial and oil massage…and happy endings!!


Thailand is a synonymous with massage. Its the cheapest place on earth to get massage and its available just about anywhere in Thailand. Most common is Thai massage which is a lot of stretching and pressure and certain body points. Foot massage is the cheapest and always good. Then facial massage and oil massage which […]


Songkran 2013 in Bangkok. Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, its about dancing in the rain…


Songkran Festival in Thailand is a way of celebrating The Chinese New Year. Basically its a big water fight were anything is allowed as long as it includes water. It runs 4 days and during these days you should buy a water gun and just let go and accept that you will get sprayed the second you […]


The water in Ganges River is septic but its also holy that’s why we swim in it…


The water in Ganges river is holy which is why locals use the river for showering, shave, swim, buffalo shower, corps burning, yoga, meditation, dumping dead baby corps and much more…On the same stretch of 7 kilometers of river running through the city of Varanasi 30 sewers discharge into the water…Cheers and bottoms up. In a Lonely Planet edition […]


Remarkable, bewildering and totally irresistible India!


What is there to say…India compress so many different colors and inputs. When travelling around India you will see. One city is totally different from another. Below is a sample from Mumbai, Udaipur, Jaisalmer, Jodphur, Pushkar, Agra and Varanasi. I remember when I got to India from South America and Africa I was so happy […]

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My ups and downs while travelling around the world


Traveling is pretty much like a roller coaster. One bad day with early check out time, diarrhea, 10 hours busdrive, and 100 things to book, coordinate and plan is replaced by a stunning day with a fantastic new hotel with a killer view located in the night life area. Take for example this view from my […]


Beginning of South America: Colombia, Cartagena, Cafe Del Mar,Santa Marta and Taganga


My third time in South America. Starting out this time with Cartagena in Colombia. The next 14 days I would travel following the north coast from Cartagena to Santa Marta towards Taganga for some diving before entering venezuela. But first I was looking forward to enjoy Cartagena and its delicious food shops and restaurants with […]


Panama Canal…The end of Central America but the start of South America. Paradise moves from one place to another…


I have made it to Panama City all the way from Mexico City alive!! And feeling very good. More than 2 months in Central America was a new great experience with many awesome sights and people. From now, my way is down south. Down to Colombia. The plan is to catch a 5 day boat […]


Guatemala has it all; volcanos, coffee, low prices, stunning outdoor, great people, excellent food…


Guatemala has taken me by storm. Did not know what to expect but something similar to Mexico, but it is better in many ways. To start out with the accommodation options are fantastic, cheap, creative and always friendly. Guatemala is a mini Mexico with stunning sights, great food, friendly people and easy to get around. […]