Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and traineeship in New Zealand May 2002

Before starting my traineeship in New Zeland I had some vacation in Thailand, Laos and Vietnam. This was my second time to Thailand but my first to Laos and Vietnam. I was going to visit my friend in Hanoi and was very excited about seing something new in South East Asia. Before I only went to Thailand so going to Laos and Vietnam would be a new experience.

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The gold Pagoda in Viantine. Upon arrival in Laos I went straight to the capitals pagodas as I did not have much time in the city before heading up north Laos.  


My tuk tuk driver for the day in Laos capital Vientaine.


Me at the budda park in Laos


New Zealand

In 2002 Simon and I went to New Zealand Queenstown to start our traineeship at Gold Ridge Hotel and A-Line Hotel. On our way we met Luke from England who was going to work with us as well. We got a bar tender job to finance our living in Queenstown in that way we also got to meet a lot of people from all corners of the world. The city of Queenstown has a lot to offer in terms of extreme sports such a bungy jump, white water rafting, heli sking and fly by wire. We did it all together for half of the price as we were working in Queenstown. But the town also has a jumping night life with great discos, bars, cafes and restaurants. 

Why go to New Zealand: Fantastic outdoor

Best experience: Working and living with two crazy guys from Denmark and England

Worst experience: Sharing apartment the frist weeks with a local guy who was insane

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Christchurch my first stop in New Zealand coming from Bangkok. here I was going to meet Simon and Luke before we went down to Queenstown by bus.


Simon and Luke creating magic in our kitchen.


From the left Luke, me and Simon at the top of Queenstown. Went all the way to New Zealand to start a 3 months long traineeship during my study in Denmark


On our way home from bungy jump we had to stop at take a picture of the sun set


Glenocly just outside Queenstown where Lord of The Rings were shot. Amazing to go on horse back around this area. 


Gold Ridge Hotel where I was working. The hotel had the best view of the Remarkable Mountains


Queenstown. Very scenic place with lakes, mountains and beaches….


Queenstown beach


Heli sking helicopter.


Nice river


Rocket bungy!!


Ready for the shot over jet boat which is a kind of speed boats that go through the canyons very fast and very very close to the canyon walls


Simon outside his hotel A-Line


Fly by wire. This was awesome. Flying from a small flight only attached to a wire as a pendual from the canyon walls.



This is how it looks like from the ground when somebody is flying by wire. Its a great feeling


Milford Sound. One of the best hiking places in the world. Here you have dolphins, whales, and a lot of bird spicies.



Simon and Luke at Milford Sound NP


Simon at Old Mans Rock. We were regulars at this cozy place with live fire and freindly vibes. I remember there was a guy from Sweden working here called Sven who helped us and recommended stuff to see.


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