Happy Holi!!!!

Holi Festival in India is a very colorful festival where people throw colored pouder and water at each other. It only took me two weeks to wash off all the colors. Anyway a big experience to party with the Indians their way with cows, monkeys and dogs and absolutely no alcohol at all…

Why come at Holi Festival: Its amazing to party with no alcohol and colored pouder during the day while dancing to electro music

Best experience: To throw pouder at people knowing they cant wash it off for weeks

Worst experience: The color stays for weeks

(Click on picture to enlarge)

Me at Holi festival the pouder comes in all colors and is a pain in the ass to wash off


This guy to the right was attacked by his friends and rubbed in purple pouder


The color took me 14 days before everything little spot was gone


I started with a bath right after the festival


During the festival t shirts was ribbed off from all guys and put up on the string hanging across the square



Margot, Ian and Tatiana and some local guy (that I actually met later I Agra?) at Holi Festival in Pushkar.


Our friend during the festival


Playing with colors


This guy had enough af very short time


All the different colors sold on the street for a dime

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