Three days on camel back around Jaisalmer desert

Camels are fun to watch! Its another thing to ride them 6 hours a day around the desert of Jaisalmer. In order to make the trip more comfortable we bought bhang cookies in a government approved shop – the only one in India. Man it is a weird thing to eat that in the middle of the desert. After eating the cookie I got a panic attack and had to be picked up in the middle of the desert by a jeep and taken back to my hotel. When arriving at my hotel I immediately got better and start laughing out loud of everything that happend to me that night – what a awesome trip I would be without…

Why go on a camel safari: Its a great way of exploring the desert and outdoor in Indias north west area.

Best experience: At night when the local make a bon fire and start cooking bread and curry while you drink a ber in the middle of the desert while the camels are resting and farting

Worst experience: When it started to rain and we had no shelter. Maaan we got wet in no time…

(Click on picture to enlarge)

Jaisalmer desert on a camel back


The desert by sun set


Our camel guide


I was trying to shoot a perfect photo of this beetle but a bit unsharpe it was fast…


Our guide making breakfast in the morning


My camel is the one in the background. He was a camel that did not put up with anything…


Me in the desert




This is right before I got my panic attack in the desert


Cooking up some fried bananas and other stuff too – great

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