Visiting Auschwitz has long been a ‘must-do’ on our Bucket List 2015

My interest for The Second World War and Holocaust began when I went to Berlin a year before and by coincedent visited the KZ camp called Sachenhausen. After a tour here I was so chocked but also interested to learn more about ‘the darkest time in our history’. This was the reason why we a year later went to Polen to visit Auschwitz and Birkenau which today stands as the strongest wittness of Holocaust during The Second World War.


DSC_5615The entrance to Auschwitz with the infamous sign saying: ‘arbeit macht frei’ which of course was a lie that was aiming at motivating the inmates to work harder.





The easy recognizeable lamps and fences that sorrounds the buildings in Auschwitz 1



DSC_5684Me in front of Birkenau - the camp site where the men was imprisoned. The entire area is huge and takes several hours to see if you wanna explore it all.







Kristin with the entire camp as backdrop


DSC_5662When looking at the grass and blue sky its hard to imagine the hell it was to be Polish jew during Second World War.







Another famous symbol of Holocaust: The sign saying ‘halt!’










 The toxic nervegas called Zyclon B which the nazis used to kill as many Jews as possible.














The railroads that lead into Auschwitz where people and families where seperated into people that was able to work and people that was sent directly to the gaschamber mainly women with children.






 From the main building you can get to a 2nd floor and get the full overview of the KZ camp



DSC_5701While staying in Krakow we found a perfect studio apartment on Air B & B in the old part of Krakow which is next to the central part of town with a wide range of restaurants, cafes, shops and shopping.





 Kristin eating organic desert and ice cream in a lovely little ice cream and muffin shop at the main street of Krakow.





























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