Vietnam & Thailand first trip in 2015

Our first trip in 2015 started out in Bangkok for one night at Khaosan Road and then Hanoi for a couple of days before heading out to the coast for a cruise around Halong Bay. Since 2002 when I first went to Vietnam I have long been waiting to go back to witness all the changes that have taken place due to a rapid conomic growth. Many Things have changed since 2002 but the great areas like the Old Quarter remains unchanged still many cool cafes, small restaurants and a great vibe.

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Our first hotel stay in Hanoi came with balcony and a view to…hmmm power cords and a bit of the streets of Hanoi. We asked for a good balcony view and the person in the reception told us that it was fantastic. We could alway decline the offer but despite the power cords and the noise coming into our room early morning when Hanoi woke up.




Our cabin on the boat! We got a Premium Cabin on second floor so we had a better view of the bay and limestone formations. The boat crew thought we were on a honeymoon so they prepared red wine and flowers for us.







The boats crusing around Halong Bay are very spectacular. Downside: It can get very crowded with all the boats.




 From the top deck you get the best view of the bay.








Its truly a magical place when the sun goes down the sky turns purple and the sea turns into a mirror reflecting the limestone formations and sky.




Doing the night, boats wind up the same place and anchor for the night which is quit cozy and a pretty scenic view of the mountains and boatlights makes it so calm and beautiful.






Always try to get the sunset whereevery I am. Kristin and I were hucking on the boat deck while the sun went down behind the Mountains. Epic!!




Halong Bay and me. Thanks Kristin for taking a great photo of me and Halong Bay with the fantastic purple color as backdrop.




Back in Hanoi at the red bridge for photo shooting and coffee by the lake.




Traditional way of selling food. A bike the hat and the big bowl on the bike to carry the food. I like this shot and it came out the way I wanted.







My baby crusing around off the beaten track amongst the locals that live around the rail roads. People were very welcoming and friendly.  




The street kitchens in Hanoi are great and I was not holding back at all. I was trying everything from meat and fruit to stuff I did not know what was.






Kristin at the war museum in Hanoi in front of a big tank.  


DSC_4074 Cool to see all the war machines from the Vietnam war looks like something taken right out of a Hollywood movie. But this is actually stuff that was active in the war.







A mand on the street outside the war museum I imagine he is a war veteran judging from hes clothing and look. I told Kristin to go take photos of him while he was talking to us. We gave him a dollar for the inconveience.


Back in the old quarter Kristin was getting her shoes polished by this young man for less then half a dollar. I never seen a pair of Nike shoes being polished so nicely they looked like new in just 2 minutes.




Woman selling French bread  on the corner while people are passing by on their scooters in The Old Quarter



Kristin and a typical narrow old tunnel at The old Quarter






In seconds the girl have given Kristin her carrying thing and hat so she could charge us a few Dong for it.





Vietnamese coffee are so strong and has a very weird taste of something that could remind of spirit like brandy. I could never finish a cup – even s small one was too much. The coffee was always served in a very old and awesome cup like the one on the picture.





People living at the railroads



Back to Bangkok on the bus to Samsen Khaosan Road


DSC_4179 The first hotel at Koh Samui was a French driven beautiful boutique hotel with only 8 rooms so service was great and personal and the rooms was quite big with a balcony facing the beach. The beach area was called Bohut which was a nice not too busy beach with lots of space and great food on the beach stretch.




David was eating a whole lot of sand from the beach when the adults were not watching. I had to get a photo of it before telling him thta he could not eat the sand.


DSC_4317The next beach was Chaweng Beach which was more busy however we found a quired resort with a nice beach.  We stayed at Marine resort which was a basic villa houses with the most essentials such as massage on the Beach and a well equipped bar.




My favorite occupation when staying in Asia: Massage. Its cheap, good, everywhere and perfect reason to not do anything for an hour or two.



A mand selling bed cov ers on the beach. Always liked the colors and patterns. I kinda like this photo.

















David playing on the beach outside our bungalows at Koh Samui



David sitting on the pool deck at Library Hotel eating french fries from MCdonalds








The only red pool I know about



The best view at W Retreat Koh Samui









The DJ spot in the middle of the Water – it wasent a pool just very nice decoration in the middel of the reception.



Cool art in the lobby makes it one of the most creative lobbys I have ever seen



The entrance to W Retreat Hotel; you walk through a narrow row with ligt in the floor  







One of the restaurant at the Beach




The place I liked to hang out the most it was a artificial beach ans private with hammocks facing the beach.







Our villa with private pool absolutly an awesome place


Our view from our pool – that sound so cool… 




 Indoor massage area maybe the best style for a massage seat I have seen. The massage spot is a bit differently from those at the beach


 Lea and Kristin at MBK shopping center a mekka for cheap shopping of gold and textiles








Last photo shot from the flight to Denmark

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