Tanzania 2014. Africa what made you so strong?

My fifth trip to Africa took me to Tanzania to see the raw wild life at Serengeti NP, Ngorongoro Creater and Manyara Lake plus relaxing at The Island of Zanzibar Archiepalago. I have tried safaris before butt this time it was different for two reasons: I went with my girlfriend and it was a package deal, so everything was organized from the beginning by a tour operator. I have already been visiting some of the best safari game reserves in Africa but the greatest one was still to come. So after waiting for ages we could finally board the flight to Tanzania to explore  East Africa and The Serengeti.

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Upon landing in Tanzania we were welcomed by Kilimanjaro as the captain was flying only 20 m from the mountain top. We got a real close up feeling just how big that mountain is as passing it took 5 minutes with a normal flight speed. That just say everything.


The first and best hotel room on the mainland. We had one night in this room before we were moved to another hotel in town. This was actually the best room because of the size and space and the big hard bed. Besides that it was nice and clean with a large toilet and shower while designed and build in an African modern style.  



The pool area at our hotel was pretty cool. Upon arrival we went straight to our room so we could change to swim shorts and bikini for a dip in the pool. The best thing about the pool area was the lack of other people we had everything for ourselves so we did not have to wait long for drinks and service.   





Our first driver and guide. Actually he was not much of a guide but just a driver. So we complained and had him replaced with another guide that was more willing to provide information about game and flora and fauna. When I am told by my travel agent to give tips I would prefer to get something back.



The most important thing when going on safari: Binoculars! If you dont bring them you will regret it. They help you spot out all the animals so you can move closer to them.







Tarangire NP. The best place in Africa to see elephants. In july its very easy as they all come down to the watering holes as it is dry season.



Its easy to see that elephants own this place. They cross the dirt roads without payint attention to our jeep driving next to them.





Kristin and the elefant. Her first safari so she was very eager to see all the animals up close.



For me elephants will always be amazing to come across in the wild. The good thing about the African breeding programs is that they have manage to bring up the numbers of elephants by monotoring numbers and poachers.  






On the second day we went to visit a Masai village in the Serengeti. These Places use to be very touristy and build up. But this place was actually quite nice and real.



The locals was performing some kind of dance for us which was pretty amazing to watch espacially the sounds they could make.






Earrings! What girls dont do to be more beautiful…



This picture was shot in the Masai village. A living proof that our old close goes to the poor people in the world. Pretty sure the girl to the left is wearing a football shirt.



The huts the Masai lives in are made of wooden sticks and cow shit. The shit isolate so the rain does not get trough.



This was the local class room where small student could learn English. The best student could count to 20.







 A farmer on the edge of a hill facing The Ngorongor Creater. He actually got really pissed at me when taking pictures of him.



Endless plains is the right way to describe Serengetis fields – you can drive for days in this area and still only having scratched the surface  



Me in front of the Ngorongoro Creater. Home to the big five and thousind of wild animals



My girlfriend just before we reached base camp in the Serengeti



Home before the sun is down. A perfect day in the Serengeti we could now wait for the night and all the weird sounds outside our hut.



 The main entrance to Serengeti NP. From here its a reserve larger then Denmark with more animals then anywhere else in the World.



The largest zoom linse ive seen so far. You can rent them on the Internet pretty cheap. 



Our jeep was designed for safari. You could see 360 degrees so no animal would escape our binoculars



Me at the top of the jeep



Giraffes are easy to spot and easy to get close to in the wild



One of the big five. This animal looks calm but kills a lot of human every year. It is aggressive and evil. Especially when it is wounded or sick.  



One of my favorite animals: The impala!



The only black rhino we saw in the Serengeti but we were not alone I think 40 jeeps start pulling up to see this rare animal in The Serengeti. In South Africa it is more common to see black and white rhinos.



A big male elephant coming straight at us – glad I am in a car otherwise I would start running…



A large group of elephants looking for a water hole in the dry season which can be difficult to find so they walk miles to find one. In this season all animals are trying to survive



Hippos at the local lake you can smell them from far away



Giraffes are luky; they can eat food far up in the trees that no other animal can get to



The morning before going on a walking safari in the Serengeti. From the restaurant we could watch the endless plains of mighty Serengeti.



Walking around here was a bit scary as lions could easily hide in the long grass



Me in a dried out lake. This is a place that normally attracts crocodiles and hippos in rain season when the river is flodded.  



Dead buffulo! Our guide told us that hyanas were close and right after we had a group of them approaching us



Me in the morning right after sun rise still with mist and low temperature before the sun really start Warming up the African soil



Our safari group and guide 



OOh yes this is 40 jeeps waiting to see one rhino in the Ngorongoro Creater. According to our guide there is only 22 Black rhinos left in the Serengeti. Very sad. They are killed by poatchers because of their horns which is said to be a viagra stuff in China.



A lunch and picnic site at Ngorongoro Creater. It was facing the Water so while eating your lunch you could Watch the hippos fight in the Water awesome!



Lions cup actually 7 of them right in front of us while the male was near by watching out for food and other male lions on hunt



Having a flat tire in the middle og the reserve is bad. Stopping and waiting an hour outside the car can be a bit of a horror as wild life is just around the corner.



On our way to Zanzibar after 1 week of safari in Serengeti we could finally prepare for relaxaition at the beaches of Zanzibar



Our rooftop suite at Nungwi Beach Zanzibar with the best view of the beach and ocean



The typical Zanzibar fisherman boat at sun set



Stone Town has its moment but was not as cool as I have hoped for – maybe the only dissapointing experience of the trip. The women here always wear very colorful dress



Internet and game cafe at Stone Town



Local kids at Nungwi beach village



Driving to this place took 2 and a half hour and was about 140 USD in a taxi. And it was raining all day. But the restaurant was fantastic and what a location.



My girlfriend at The Rock Restaurant



The view from Z hotel pool deck



Love the view from our hotel room. I always want to stay with seaview….



Massage anyone? Nothing better then getting massage while looking at the sea while the waves come up.



Endless summer; cocktails, pool, sun and the girlfriend…  



Typical sight at Zanzibar beaches; muslim women walking around and not getting sun burned 



Massage at the pool deck. Nothing more chill out then getting massage and listing to the water in the background.



The hotel was a boutique hotel with only 40 rooms and a nice pool area with a bar and some restaurants. I loved it from the first day and felt sad when leaving. 



Infinity pool is a must from now on - I did my share of backpacker places now its time to go upmarket



The Z hotel after sun set 



Maybe the best view of Stone Town. Love the colors!



Massage again this time with a view that beats the rest – on the edge of Nungwi beach with a drop of 50 m. We got a coconot oil massage for 50 USD. Yeah not as cheap as in Thailand but actually pretty good.



Behind our beach resort there was the village for local people it was two different worlds coming from the beach, the pool, the food, the wifi and clean hotel suite to this village where people were living their lifes more basic and simple. This is a restaurant that caught my eye because of the text written above the door. There is something thoughtful about it so I had to take a photo of it.   

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