Cambodia trip the last days of 8 months on the road

Exploring Cambodia and Angkor Wat is an amazing experience and I can recommend it for sure if you fancy accient temples. The concept is straight forward: You rent a bike or a scooter buide and then you drive around the UNESCO protected area which is almost as big as London. The many different wats (temples) are spread all over and you get a map when paying for the entrance in which you can decide where you want to go. Check out below why Angkor Wat is one of the most fantastic places in the world!

Cambodia is very different from Thailand. Its less touristy in terms of fewer foreing people but also in terms of fewer ATMs, travel agencies, restaurants shopping opportunities and transport options. All in all you will spend 1/3 of Thailand and still get a very authentic Asian experience. Cambodia has a more violent and bloody past but people are so friendly and helpful which you will find out after 5 minutes in Cambodia. 

Why go to Cambodia: AngkorWat and friendly people

Best experience in Cambodia: The freedom of biking around Angkor Wat with a map and discover the place on own hand

Worst experience: Witness people and small children walking on crunches because they stepped on a mine which is a big problem in Cambodia  

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Angkor Wat at sun rise. Amazing feeling to be here at sun rise.


What a great place hah. All depending on what time you come Angkor Wat appears different because of the light. Early morning and during sun set is the most spectacular sights.  


The road to the main temple


My tuk tuk guide at 6 oclock in the morning – everything for a stunning sun rise – yes?


Amazing sun rise from the main Wat which is sorrunded by water and jungle which means wild monkeys and insects


So peaceful and quiet in the morning and the best thing is its not full of tourists like Taj Mahal (India) and Grand Palace (Thailand)


My guide around the mighty Angkor Wat – he was napping while I went in. One time it took me one hour to find him as he was sleeping in the corner in shade under the trees - well shit happens


The front disk in my guest house. Everything is so old and used. Cambodia is so far behind compared to Thailand – but thats the charming style and I like loooong time…


As many other countries in South East Asia Cambodia is struggeling with road accidents, due to bad roads, speeding and driving garbage cars. Notice the sign in the window in the back of the bus…


The temple that Angelina Jolie made a bit more famous with the movie Tomb Raider



There is something mystical and magical about this place. Peaceful and there is never many people here because of the area size. People are spread over a large area.


My room in Siam Reap. 15 USD for a night which was a bit pricy but I had three beds. How cool is that…;-/


The people I went to Cambodia with. The bus trip from Bangkok to Siam Reap are now paved but only problem is the boarder crossing which is confusing and full of people that want to make a few bucks. We were waiting 2 hours at the boarder before we could ge ton the bus.

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