Khaosan Road – backpacker enclave in Bangkok

How could I ever introduce Thailand on my website without including Khaosan Rd. – my second home. Khaosan Rd. is one of the most awesome places on earth to start your journey to whereever. This is where I learned about Thailand, Thai food and Thai people the first years. Ever since I have broaden my perspective but still visit the place every time I come to Thailand. Its a very laid back feeling here. Everything is slow and relaxed. The street is full of budget guest huses, restaurants, bars and travel agencies. Khaosan has now expended to a few other streets next to Khaosan.   

Why go to Khaosan Road: The best and cheapest place in Bangkok to buy everything you need before starting your journey: Tickets, shorts, music, backpacks, t-shirts, fake student ids, sunglasses…

Best experience at Khaosan Road: Songklan festival 2013 and drinking

Worst experience: Too many tourist

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Khaosan Road early morning - at night its vibrant and full of people partying until the wee hour in the morning its more quired and slow




Graffitti at Khaosan road along the street. The area is a very creative place for both local and tourists: a lots of street art and creative manifestations along the streets


















































A typical Bangkok bar close to Khaosan Road



Khaosan area is full of feel good bars and restaurants serving thai food and international food of all kinds


Golf bar is a place full of Australians and students as drinks are cheap and very strong as the sign claims


My friend is having a good time at Khaosan after many years of absence




Gulliver another backpacker bar also full of professional girls


Ready to get my drink on


Inside “The Club”





Tourist talking to one of the many tuk tuk drivers hanging around Khaosan Road


The shopping possibilities at Khaosan Road are endless


I love taking pictures of pictures!



sai 199

 You will get tired of the sales people pretty fast but the trick is not to get eye contact with them then you are off

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