Snowboard adventures in Austria 2014

Snowboarding has been one of my great passions since my first downhill in 2010 in Chech Republic. Before I was skiing but snowboarding got me hooked in another way. Although I am a beginner with only 10 days on the board I have managed to learn it quite well. The key to learning for me was trying and trying and watching films of myself and having my friends telling me how to improve. On my latest trip Jacob was a big help to get further. Next time I have decided to take an hour lesson with a private instructor.

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The is the view from our hotel in Saalbach. The hotel Hinterhag is a great place overlooking the valley of Saalbach and the slopes to the west. After one night we finally got a room with balcony which is key if you really wanna enjoy the landscapes of Austria.



The view from one of the restaurants. Drinking Red Bull to charge new energy for the next down hill


den var go-001

The only cool picture of me in vertical direction down the slopes



After a couple of hours on the slopes its always a winner to relax with a cold beer at one a the many restaurants and bars on the slopes. Snowboarding can be lot of hard work and your legs feel exhausted after  a while.



This is Hotel Hinterhags sauna and wellness area. We went down here everyday after afterskiing to relax and recreated for the next day.



Me at Magic 6 ready to take on some of the many hills in Saalbach.



Our room at Hotel Hinterhag. Everything is made in wood. The balcony faces the city and mountains. Truly an awesome view in the morning when the sun rises. This makes you ready for a new day at the slopes with the snowboard underneath your feet.  



The hotel was actually called Hinterhag - the art and ski hotel, which explains all the art at the hotel. This picture was taken in the reception where a tree with mirrors in triangels imitating snow is hanging by the tree.



Jacob having lunch at the top of the slopes. Guallasch Soup is always great after been skiiing for some hours. The prices in Austria are not cheap. This soup is about 9 Euros.  



The backdrop of Saalbach. Fantastic settings when snowboarding through it all with a big smile.



Lots a chill out places to regain your power and rest your sour legs



Jacob and me getting goofy with it.  



Nothing to do when taking the lifts so you might as well take sme pictures of it



 Snow selfie

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