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The sleeping options in Central- and South America has been great thus far. I would say the best. Check out my favorite places so far: Its from Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, Bolivia, India and Thailand. The latest added photos are from Pattaya and Bangkok. This trip has been very different from past ones in one specific way: My budget for accomodation have been between 50USD to 120 USD this time, wheras before it usally did not exceed 30 USD. What I did after sitting in a bus for 6 hours I would find the nicest hotel in Lonely Planet and then ask for the most expensive room when checking in and it would still be affordable.  

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My 2014 Tanzania trip. The roof top suite in Z Hotel at Zanzibar with perfect view to Nungwi Beach. One of the best rooms so far. The service was a bit African – meaning slow and sloppy but its Africa but stressful for guests. Well I will still recommend the hotel to anyone who likes chill out pool areas, nice rooms, perfect views and and modern style.

DSC_1727 (2)

The pool deck fra where we could watch the sun go down every night


Our view from the suite



Massage slap with a view to the beach.  


Nice decoration of the hotel


Kristin at the pool deck waiting for happy hour so cocktails went down to 4 USD



This hotel in Rome is more then 1000 years old – probably the oldest hotel I have ever had. Despite the age it was okay og located in the middle of Rome.



View to the slopes from our hotel in Saalbach. As you will notice below I never stay in a room without a view.


Spa & Wellness in the basement very nice after a day of snowboarding


Nakhorn Pink Hotel in Bangkok have long been my favorite and first choice when sleeping in Bangkok. First time was in 2002 and Ive been back almost every year since. This hotel and certain rooms are full of memories of my youth. Yeah this use to be my second home. I have been in fights with thai girls here, I have been robbed here, I have been very very sick here and I have had many girls here as well. All together a great hotel, with large rooms, with air can, hot water, good toilets, helpful staff, 24 hour reception and laundry service within same day. All that for only 480 bath. Thats a bargain in Bangkok… 



Yeah I sometimes miss my room in hotel Red Five Bar in Pattaya.


My view for 2 months in Pattaya. Every morning I went out on the balcony to welcome the sun…


My room in Pattaya – I stayed here for about 2 months, actually one of my favorite rooms of all times. Spacy, nice balcony, and most importantly a comfortable bed.


Me and my pool for 3 days in Bangkok


Maybe the nicest pool area I have experienced for a long time or maybe always. I did not even manage to swim from end to end. Its that big or I am that bad at swimming…’up to you’ as they say in Thailand…


I was staying with a good friend in Bangkok for three days in her apartment. Not bad staying for free when you travel for 8 months. Above is the kitchen.


Nice decorated apartment – colorful


I miss my own apartment


The white room in Udaipur


I was staying here 3 days – in Udaipur


My view from hotel in Udaipur must be my favorite place in India. No hustle, buzzle and less shit then other places in India.


Another very nice hotel in Udaipur – love the colors and wall decorations


 Beach hut in Goa India. This place was cheap and actually very nice. When you fall to sleep with the sound of the ocean and only paying 3 USD you cant complain.


The Park Hotel another Design Hotel at Goa Calgute Beach. Fantastic place to stay at when you been living in a hut for 4 days. I love the diversity that comes with travelling around the world. One day in a bamboo hut with bad water and power cuts another day at a Design Hotel.


I stayed in two different rooms at this hotel. A suite and studio. Above is the suite.


The studio room was about 80 USD – not bad


Cool details. All doors had unique paintings of people from around the world. So inspiring!


Bed room and living came in one room only separated by a painting and curtains


This is from Belize Culker Island. The view was right to the main road which was a dirt road but fantastic cozy at afternoon and night. From here I went with boat to dive the famous Blue Hole.


This is from Panama City- my friends apartment. The best view of the city and we were sitting drinking beer every night – enjoying the silence from 24th floor. NICE!


Yeah they celebrate Christmas in Panama the same way we do it in Denmark…


My favorite hostel in Mexico. Tribu Hostel at Isla Holbox.


I still remember how happy I was when I arrived here after 10 hours in a bus and 2 hours on boat


The Italian owner build this himself to perfection. Everything was so well thought out.


Chill out area with hammocks. Every night we sad here drinking beer and smoking. Awesome times I will never forget.


The coolest hostel in Bolivia! Hostel Los Olas. I think it means “The wave” I was told. Makes sense as it was facing Titicaca Lake as evident on the photos


Every minute the light changed in my room. I actually loved this place sooo much and sadly I cold only stay here one night. Thanks to Lonely Planet I found this place


Even the toilet was made the best way possible with two shower heads


This view came for only 30 USD. A bargain if you think about it


At night a lit up the fireplace to keep warm. Temperature dropped down to about 14 degrees.


Hostel in Cusco. Here I stayed before and after hiking the Inka Trail


When I arrived at this hotel in Guatemala Lake Attitlan I was blowen away. Acculaxx Hotel was cheap and fantastic decorated all in recycle materials


This place had so much attitude that I had to stay here 3 nights. Never regreet a minute of it.


The light was amazing as half of the roof was covered with a transparent slide which allowed the sun to shine through. Nice way to wake up in the morning


Felt home here:-)


Love this place to death





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