Endless Summer around the world

What is Endless  Summer? Well, to me, its the feeling that the summer goes on and on and the days are bright and the sun is burning while you relax at the beach waiting for the sun to set, watching people chilling at the beach while lazy palm trees are blowing in the wind. Check it out below - the pictures explains it far better…

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Beautiful photo from Carpe Diem Hotel Santorini located on the top of Pyrgos. My girlfriend is posing on the outdoor area where private pool and eating area was included.



Nungwi Beach from the Z hotel at sun set. Spend sooo many hours on this pool deck.



So endless summer this Picture. Have just got my drink while my girlfriend is on her way out of the pool.


Beach in Goa named Arambol. Despite the beach being full of Russians I really enjoyed staying here. It was basically a fisherman beach with a couple of huts and restaurants


Chowpatty beach at sun set


Chowpatty Beach is nice in the sun but very dirty when you look around. Nobody was going for a swim here…


Amazing sun at Arambol Beach


Ohhh I miss India…their dirty beaches and polluted water is all good


Locals and foreinger playing volleyball while the sun sets. I knew I could get some nice pictures here…


It looks like a smash


Tulum Beach my friend Francesco is getting his groove on with sun oil and wet hair…


Tulum Beach at sun rise 5 something in the morning


One more shot at the sun


Beach at Isla Holbox – nice view hah…


Again Tulum Beach at sun rise. I remember i got up at 5 in the morning to take pictures of the sun rise because Lonely Planet said there was great sun rises here. What do you think?


Guatemala volcano Capaya I think the name was. Fantastic trip up and down. We grilled mash mellows on the active volcano side


Colombia summer at Taganga Beach


Flores in Guatemala from my window


This picture is taken from Cafe Del Mar in Cartagena moving place at night – nice lounge music while people are sipping Mojitos


Nice Colombian girl at Cafe Del Mar


Cafe Del Mar


Classic shot. This is endless summer…


Taganga Beach. Young people drinking beer before going to the only disco in town.


Taganga Beach. I went diving here from a boat. Cold water, bad visibility expensive dive.


Nicaragua. Ometepe Island – a volcano island


Corona Beach in Panama


Half Moon beach in Belize. We stopped for lunch. Looks like a 80 poster…


Local feeding the big birds at the beach. He is holding a fish and the birds fly above snapping the fish. I was trying to capture this with 30 shots, but got another great picture insted

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