Remarkable, bewildering and totally irresistible India!

What is there to say…India compress so many different colors and inputs. When travelling around India you will see. One city is totally different from another. Below is a sample from Mumbai, Udaipur, Jaisalmer, Jodphur, Pushkar, Agra and Varanasi. I remember when I got to India from South America and Africa I was so happy and it was a hole new and interesting chapter of my 8 month long trip. And India was so great the first 3 weeks after a while it sort of wear you down. The thing is that everybody tries to cheat and hustle you for money. Everywhere! Taxi drivers, hotel owners, bus drivers, shop owners and restaurant owners. After a while you dont wanna fight anymore with these people. Despite that India is for most part a great place to travel and there is nothing like it. There are sooo many nice hotels with a great decoration and full of magic and colored lightsand it dosent cost anything really.   

Why go to India: To see the chaos with your own two eyes

Best experience: Taking the old train from Ahmadbad to Udaipur to see people and landscapes passing by

Worst experience: Getting a panic attack in the desert after eating bhang cookies

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Traffic jam in Agra


While I was taking photos of this shop the owner came out to stop me. He did not like I was taking photos without sking for permission. He asked me to delete it – so I did…NOT! Anyway fantastic shop selling so much garbage that it is actually quite cool…


The sandfort in Jaisalmer. An absolutely amazing sand castel.


Another shot of the larges sand castel in the world taken from the local market in Jaisalmer. Pretty cool guy in the front.


Beach in Goa. One thing I like about Goa is that all the restaurants face the water so you just sit eat and chill out watching the sun set everyday. This place served the best Biryani.


The Indian tuk tuk drives like crazy and have a benefit; the can drive down alleys where ordinary taxis cant go. And most hotels is situated in the smalle narrow streets hence tuk tuks get a lot of tourists.


Cows and trick munks everywhere in the streets. Be careful they are all full of shit…


The streets of India are always full of cow shit, monkey shit and goat shit…


Me at the roof top restaurant at my hotel. All hotels in Agra had a roof top restaurant and a view to Taj Mahal. This hotel was one of the beter views.


Camel driver and his camel at the laundry


Laundry is a big industry in India . It occupies millions of Indians.


Check out the fort in the background. Its one Indias largest…


Outside laundry in Agra. They dry the bed sheets and garments on the sand.


Washing is a big industry in India and occupies millions…


A fantastic picture taken from the bridge across the river where locals come to wash their garments and bed sheets. It took me 50 shots before this picture captured the right vibe.  


Waiters in Jodphur just outside The Fort


Streets of Agra. Love the light on this picture.


In the food alleys of Agra.


Hair salon in Agra


One of my favorite shots. Took me a while to get it the way I wanted.


Love this photo. Kids playing cricket in Pushkar.


Houses in Jaisalmer. Made of sand and some more sand…


Women praying at the river in Udaipur. It was only after I realized that the woman in the yellow dress had a very bad foot. Looks like a dragon foot. Maybe she drank the water here… 


Homeless family in Udaipur


Mosaik room in Museum in Udaipur


Remember this place from James Bond? Octopussy its filmed in Udaipur. 


Hand made puppets is a big thing in India


 A museum in Udaipur. Love the light but not sure what this room was all about.


 This is where I was enjoying most of my meals and coffee when not walking around the city. Remember they had some good curry here and lemon soda.


 Hotel Udaipur where James Bond was shot back in the 80s. Fanstastic view except that you are over charged here by 200%. But very nice place for a cup of tea.


My toilet window in my hotel in Udaipur


Jodphur from my hotel window


Young guy squeezing the juice from bamboo wood. Its made for drinks. Cheers. And a nice machine hah?…


A real hippie place and very good for a afternoon nap when it gets too hot outside. When you wake up you can just call the waiter for a cup of masala chai tea.


Goa beach full of good karma and palm trees


The Blue City in Jodphur. The entire city was painted blue as it is believed that the color is mosquito repellant.


Just something from the local market. Think it is sweet.


Graffitti at the walls of Ganges


Our camel guide always said yes please when we asked him something: jonas: ‘Can we eat lunch early today’? Camel guide: ‘Yes please’.


Girl in Pushkar


Action picture of me sliding into the pool


Drinks!! Anyone…

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