Marbella – Nothing beats a pool party at Nikki Beach

For my 40 years birthday in November I could either throw a party in Denmark for family and friends or invite a few good friends to a birthday party to a destination somewhere in Europe. Needless to say I chose option two. Nikki Beach and Marbella have been a must-do for a long time so after checking flights for Malaga and Air B & B I decided on Benalmadena for a central spot between Malaga city and Marbella. Also Benalmadena offers cheaper apartments then both Marbella and Malaga. Upon arrival we had a few hours to kill before we could check-in so what is more obvious then cold beer and paella on the beach and a quick catch up with old friends…

DSC_8135   IMG_7310

First impression? Well with this view and that pool and these guys things started out perfect. Always great to make plans for the rest of the trip in a pool area. Three goals were on our mind: Marbella (Nikki Beach), Purto Banus and Malaga city. And with a rental car this would make it all possible.


IMG_7331   IMG_7330   IMG_7392  IMG_7329

If ‘champagne’ summarise Nikke Beach then ‘money’ would summarise Marbella. After a lunch at Pizzeria Picasso in front of the harbour in Marbella and after watching all the cars and boats and rest of the non-sense that comes with money we were eager to see what Nikki Beach was all about.



The Guys: Peter Eugene, Rune Bjærre, Michael Obeng and me

IMG_7435  IMG_7417     IMG_7370-001

Nikki Beach is a world wide concept that basically is a pool party. Just a very great pool party; with live music, dancing pool girls, great atmosphere, lots and lots of champagne and a great view to the beach. And people who are spending 1000 on champagne course here you do not only drink it, but some guests also take champagne showers. This is what Nikki Beach at Marbella are famous for.


IMG_7369-001IMG_7341 IMG_7375


Renting a beach bed at Nikki Beach is far from cheap. And if you didn’t plan to spend money you can always sit in the bar and hang out at the pool deck for free. If you decide to pay 500 USD for at 4 pax beach bed two bottles of champagne are included in the price.


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