Barcelona 2011 with three Thai ladiiiieees

After a travel break for a while I went to Barcelona with three Thai girls in September 2011. I have never traveled with three girls before and then add thai on the top of it - yeah I guess you know what I mean;-) But it was a nice calm cultural trip with great food, a lot of sight seeing and early mornings. Barcelona is a beautiful city with so much awesome stuff to see mainly in the cultural department though but still awesome… 

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So here they are, my travel buddies for a week; from the top Winnie, Sindy and Amy. They like flowers…I guess



 The siling in our hotel room. Its a perfect copy of the famous one in the MNAC museum hall



 Me outside MNAC museum. Great terrassa with a view of Barcelona. Just a lot of stairs to get here. But it all worth it.



Yeah its right on the very top of Barcelona and my three girls are having fun while having fun in Barcelona



Sindy posing in Gaudis garden thing. Cant remember the details but a lot of colorful tails and funny buildings for smerfs kinda people.



The dude you find in any big city around the world. getting paid to do absolutely nothing – litterally



The Work of Spains big man Gaudi. He havebuild the half of Barcelona. Really impressive…



The main gate to Sagrada Familiar. The church only took generations to build financed on peoples charity good will. 



Sagrada Familiar. This is a popular tourist attraction for good reasons. It is a fantastic building monument from the outside and inside. So many details and finess.



Just one of the windows in the church. Alle the colors in the glass made the light in the church very unique and bright.   



GRRRR. Amy. Pretty sure she would not like this picture here with thousands of visits everyday.  



Hmmm. Think we had a very nice meal here. I had chicken, someone had meatballs and another had….well something which I cant remember. Judging by Amys face expression the food taste heavenly.  



Gaudis home long time ago now a museum. Pretty stunning stuff on the roof top…



Winnie find one on your own size!



Smart audio guide that keept talking to me in Chinese



I never had a green bathroom before



Hotel bedroom



 So the three girls again at some big street where we were living



How do I find my way around this big city while not getting lost in culture and archicture…and tapas…



 The local market in Barcelona that sets the standard for many other food markets around the world



Slowely getting onion eyes by looking at all the food at the local market



Sindy outside Gaudis home



Paella with sea food. Some tourist places in Barcelona it was not that great so we went to the local restaurants and found a better kind of paella for half the price. Funny how this works all over the world.



Damn. None of these sms was for me so I still wonder who got them. I am still waiting for a biiip.  



When you are feeling good you look good. Dont know what that has to do with this picture though course I look like a jerk. I am waiting outside the hotel for the girls to get ready for the nights fun. I think I went up again and changed to something more street.



Sangria. When you go to Spain you must at least drink a jug a day otherwise you cant really say you been to Spain right?

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