Whats keeping me alive and kicking around the world

When travelling there is one particuarly time I am looking forward to and thats the food in a new country. In this section I will upload pictures of food from around the world. I tent to like the country most that have the best food so yeah I would say the food is almost 50% of the travel experience. I never stay long in a country that do not have any good food.

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Getting from the north part of Zanzibar to the Rock Restaurant is a long trip in taxi – two hours and 100 USD to be exatly. The reward? The best grilled lobster in the world served in the best sourroundings – in the middle of nowhere on an island of 50 square meters. When arriving at the shore they take you the last 20 meters in a boat.     







       Italian pastry is actually as good as Danish pastry.






























Some lab upper left, tom kai gai and omelet with rice


Tom yam kung the famous thai soup, Ka pao bo kob similar to crispy pork, som tam and sweet sour with rice. Its all good and tasty


Thai soup with a lot of stuff I dont know what is


Food  at Goa beach this meal was less then 1 USD


This is the number 28th best restaurant in Asia and expensive too


Pancake shop in Arequipa Peru. This was my breakfast for 6 days – everyday


Spaghetti with ham and cheese made as a layer cake. One of the meals while climbing The Inka Trail


Chicken in Venezuela at the foot of Angel falls


The best meal in Nicaragua and very simple too. Rice, pork and fried banana and salad


At the beach in Venezuela we bought fish at the local marked and grilled it with lime when we got to a desert island


Colombian fish at Taganga


Cant remember the name but a very traditional eat in Panama. We had it for New Year 2013.


Chicken in Nicaragua in Granada. Expensive place but this meal was just one USD.


Fish in Venezuela


Another great meal while walking to Machu Picchu

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