Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore …aaaand Thailand June 2005

In the summer of 2005 I went back to South East Asia this time to visit Cambodia, Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia. Of course I also spend time in Thailand - this time with two friends from Denmark and later my cusin. My plan for this trip was to travel down south to Malaysia after I came back from Cambodia and then move on to Singapore and to my final destination Indonesia I would spend three weeks here before moving back to Thailand and meet Martin and Lars. Ohh yeah everything worked out well. The only thing I forgot was an entrance stamp at the Thai boarder on my way back. So I had to go visit the police in Bangkok after picking up Lars and Martin in Bangkok. Ohh yeah its a big thing if you forget your stamp. You are treated like a terrorist…

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Petronas Tower in Kular Lumpur. Actually a pretty awesome city with lot of high tech side by side with mosks old colonist buildings and the sky train passing trough it all. The two twin towers are quite unique from the bottom but when you take the elevator up and walk onto the bridge beyween to two towers things get a bit more exciting.



Another great shot of the Petronas Tower 10 minutes away. I walked all the way from my hotel took me an hour or something. It look like only 5 minutes away.


Me at George Town in Panang Island in Malaysia. I arrived with bus from Thailand and my way back I went to Perhentian Island which is far better and very different from Penang Island.



Me at Angkor Wat at early morning I think


Steve and our scooter guide in Cambodia


Steve and James at Angkor Wat


My very first trip to The Angkor Wat in 2005. I met Steve and James in the bus from Thailand to Cambodia. Ever since I have visited the Angkor Wat two times. And I got the Angkor Wat tattoo on my back to remember how awesome this place is.


Rowing the boat in Indonesia. Cant remember where this is but it was a great place around Flores at an inland lake or something.


Me at Komodo Island Indonesia. Awesome sun set. I went on a boat trip for 8 days from Bali to Lombok, Flores and the Rinca and Komodo Islands. Great diving and snorkelling and fantastic nature looks like something from another world around these Islands; green lush paddy fields on hill tops with palm trees and komodo dragons. What an adventure…



On our way to Koh Samet Louise is strangeling Hawa for being a crazy thai girl


Louise me and Rinda at Koh Samet


Rinda at Khaosan Road



Arriving in Singapore with bus from Kula Lumpur. Singapore is a pretty boring place for tourists. There isnt  a hole lot to do here. Its very clean and everything is working very well. I only spend 3 days here and then I moved on to Indonesia.



This picture is great. A monk with the opera in the background. I always thought this was a picture full of contrasts.



 Back in Thailand with my cusin and Hawa I think this is at Erawan NP. Great place at Kanchanaburi. Here you can visit the bridge Quai, stroke a tiger and walk up the 7 drop waterfall which is below.


Erawan NP and the 7 drop water fall. So refrewshing to swim here after walking up the hills along the waterfalls.



Me at Erawan NP the entrance to the 7 drop water falls


Me at the floating market eating spicy noodles. I never understood all the foss about the floating market but the food here is greeeaat!


Tiger conservation center at Kanchanaburi NP. NO! They dont drug any tigers here



Back in Bangkok with Lars and Hawa. One of the good nights out in Bangkok – great food, a lot of drinks and the on to the clubs all night and morning.



Louise and Hawa being silly and making faces while a take their pictures.  



It was my cusins birthday so we told the people working in the restaurant so they brought cake and candle and the entire staff was singing birthday song while my cusin was crying and turning red like a reap strawberry…remember Louise?



Ayutthaya the old capital of Thailand full of temples and historic sites. Great place to go for a few days to escape Bangkoks busy street life 



Hawa at Hua Hin Beach



Hawa in her home town Ayutthaya

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