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Dubai & Abu Dhabi March 2012

A quick touch down in Dubai for four days with a visit to Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi, grand mosk and five star hotel made a perfect weekend in the rapid growing city of Dubai. Of course I was lucky to stay with a dear friend of mine for the four days.

Why go to Dubai: To see the tallest building on the planet, to see the biggest shopping mall on planet, to see the only 5 star hotel on the planet, to ride the fastest roller coaster on planet – get it!

Best experience: Drinking at Barista at the beach with the skyline as backdrop while international DJs warm up the deck

Worst experience: Wasting a perfect hot cup of coffee down my pants before entering the Grand Mosk in Abu Dhabi – there is no way you can turn that day into a success;-)

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Sindy and Gwens apartment in Dubai


My friend Sindy in her TT Turbo


Tourist and expats area in up town Dubai. A general nice place with some great restaurants.  


Myself and Sindy in front of Burj al Arab


Burj Kalifha, Sindy and her friends; Amy and Wini


Grand Mosk and me with coffee on my pants…accident in the car when women drives…


First a visit to Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi to try out the fastest rollercoaster in the world. It accelerates from 0 to 240 K/H in less than 4 seconds.


Down town Dubai its the old quater with Indian silver and gold shops, phasmina garments and such


Sindys forthcoming car


The classic picture from Burj Al Arab. Its a good thing that the huge coffee stain on my shirt and pants is not visable on this picture.

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