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City Twilight around the world

City Twilight is a collection of the best pictures where the sun is about to set in different cities around the world. Normally I would take the photo after the sun went down and before it got dark. Below you find pictures from Panama City, Arequipa, La Paz, Udaipur, Pushkar and Pattaya City. Well any city is nice when the sun goes down and the last light turns red yellow and reflect it on the city walls and roof tops.   

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Pattaya Beach after sun set. Once the sun goes down in this city the city turns into a party zone for freaks and perverts.


Another shot of Pattaya Beach at sun set


Pushkar city a magical city sourrounded by mountains and desert. The picture is taken from the view point of the city.


All hotels in Udaipur had roof top restaurants from where you could enjoy the sun set while drinking a masala chai tea


Udaipur a bewitched magical city surrounded by hill tops with a lake in the middle. NICE!!


From the roof top the city of Udaipur seams so peaceful and in harmony, its only when you walk the streets that you realize how crazy and chaotic everything is here. After walking the streets I went to a roof top to eat and relax for a while before walking the streets of cow shit and dirt again.  


Udaipur by night. Love the shape the moon has on this picture.


La Paz. The higeste capital in the world. La Paz is located in the mountains in a fantastic setting of snow covered mountains and ragged mountains. When I finally woke up in the bus I woke up to this view – then I knew I had arrived to La Paz.


Arequipa city to the west


Arequipa city to the north


Panama city at sun set


Panama city in daylight


Panama City at night

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