Thailands third gender and me

Ladyboys are a part of the thai street picture. You see them everywhere. Some of them look like girls and some of them need to wear more make up and plastic in order to look more feminine. Some tourists dont know before its too late, if you catch my drift;-) Not that I have made any mistakes myself. Sometimes its very difficult to tell if it is a ladyboy or a real girl. Normally you can tell my looking at their hands, feet, but also the way they act. Most ladyboys are too feminine and act too girlie and often flash their tits in public – then you know its a ladyboy. Ladyboys often talk bad about real girls because they think they are better looking and more sexy then real girls, due to the beauty operations most ladyboys get. In most cases they have a boyfriend that pays for operations made in Bangkok. Most common operations are breast implants, sex change, voice change and sliced Adam´s apple. Ladyboys are widely accepted in Thailand and have many rights and benefits. One of them being the public toilet for ladyboys only. Ladyboys are able to get far in politics and can have high positions in industrial companys and in one town the mayor is a ladyboy. How about that…that is Thailand when its tolerant. There is also another side to ladyboys; in some areas of Thailand manily the places that attracts many tourists like Pattaya and Koh Samui, ladyboys are considered a bit dangerous for tourists. Violence and theft is a daily issue but also more serious crimes like stabbing and murder has been reported and is not uncommon.

Best experience with ladyboys: A ladyboy payed my bill in a strip joint because I forgot my money   

Worst experience with ladyboys: Getting robbed by three ladyboys on my way home from a night out. Lost 10.000 bath in a snap.

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Nice girls hah, or boys, but still nice. Finally I got their attention at the same time so I could get my photo. Its not always easy to take pictures of ladyboys and always ask first. Its never fun to make a ladyboy upset – remember its a boy with PMS tendencies…By the way its pretty difficult to find the ‘right’ face when two ladyboys are pulling your dick and rubbing their bodies up against myself. So I just thought sticking the tounge out would be the best…


Ladyboys are always kean on taking pictures so they can show their hardware. Once they got started they never stop posing and they never ask for money. They just love getting their pictures taken.


Nice rack for a grown man


Whats up bad boy


You sexy motherfucker…check out the background – so much love there in one place – its almost too much for one photographer to handle.


Farang (caucasion or foreinger in thai) singing karakokee with ladyboy – a great couple if you ask me.


Ladyboy on her scooter. Wonder if they drive better or worse then real girls…NOTICE the background it says ‘wife free’. Is it that easy now to find a girl in Thailand? Or should it say ’wi fi free’, typical Thailand.

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  1. Lea 8. oktober 2013 at 10:25 #

    Hahaha, fantaatiske morsomme billeder – og god forklaring på de kære lady boys :-D du hyggede dig rigtig i ladyboy-land, liste :-P

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