Guatemala has it all; volcanos, coffee, low prices, stunning outdoor, great people, excellent food…

Guatemala has taken me by storm. Did not know what to expect but something similar to Mexico, but it is better in many ways. To start out with the accommodation options are fantastic, cheap, creative and always friendly. Guatemala is a mini Mexico with stunning sights, great food, friendly people and easy to get around. Only thing I would say is that Guatemala City is not worth a visit. My plan for Guatemala was to see Tikal ruinas in Flores and then work my way down to Antiqua for some volcano hiking and great coffee and food at the citys many restaurants. From Antiqua I planned to visit lake Attitlan which is a big lake surrounded by volcanos and mountain walls where people were paragliding from. Not a minute to waste…Guatemala is calling.  

Why go to Guatemala: Maya Ruinas

Best experience: Chill out at lake Attitlan to the sound of water and hippie loung music while drinking a ecological carrot shake with ginger

Worst experience: Arriving at Guatemala city at 5 in the morning and getting cheated by the taxi driver 5 minutes after arriving

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At the top of Antigua view point. I got police escort all the way up as Lonely Planet said so. People have been mugged up here. So I went to the police and got two new friends in the Guatemalaen police force. I also pretty sure they were happy to leave the office to guide me around Antigua. They said ‘God bless you Jonas’ when they left, not sure what that meant, still dont know. I gave them some tip for it all.


My favorite breakfast place or rather smoothie place


My hotel and restaurant facing the lake a very nice place


A restaurant facing The Lake Attilan with the volcanos out i the distance


Old man and his machete. Yes we are in Guatemala, you can buy a machete around the corner here…


One of my favorite pictures. Love it. So much is going on here. The crying boy, and his sisters looking into the camera and the two guys trying to play


Another of my favorite pictures. The woman is selling flowers to the local Chaman. Love the wall is vanished lends perfectly into the rest


This old man was carrying around with a sack of coffee beans


She was selling colorful scarfs. After talking me into buying one for 30 minutes i finally gave in and bought one. Her name was Michel and she was very funny.


Girl swimming at the Lake Attitlan


Everywhere in the streets of Antigua people just stand on the street doing nothing. This was a perfect moment to shot a picture of this man


Riding to the top of the volcano. The boys were renting out horses for a dime.


Me at Tikal

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    Guatemala rocks