Rack City!

This is the area for xxx Thailand by night. It means strip, go gos, ladybars, massage parlors and whorehouses…Its a part of Thailand that also must be understood if you want to understand Thailand and Asia. And since I have been traveling for more than 14 years here I too must broaden my horison to more then just nice food, elefants, resorts and banana boats at Phuket - so here we go down the road that most people try to avoid because they dont like to see what they dont like or what makes them feel uncomfortable on a charter holiday. But this is also a part of the world…

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Insomnia disco at Pattaya Walking Street. Most girls here are professionals and come here to meet tourists to go either short time or long time. Short time is normally about one hour sometimes two all depending on what moode the girls is in or how much she likes the guy. It cost around 1000-2000 bath and is normally straight home for action without any stops at bars or pool centers. Long time is a different kind of ‘fun’. Long time is normally until the day after around five at afternoon. Unless you extent her stay with cold cash. Normally she agrees, but sometimes she rather go back to the club. When you have told her you mean long time the girl normally wants to drink a couple of drinks at the bar or disco before heading on. Most girls will take you around different bars to visit her working friends. Here you should also expect to buy people drinks at least her. This can go on for a while she might ask for a pool game playing for money, and if she ask to play for money you know she is kinda skilled. So be aware. I lost a lot of thai bath on pool games drunk thinking I could beat a little innocent thai girl. By the time you reach the room it could be anything from 2 to 5 in the morning. Most girls does that to avoid getting fucked all evening and night. Also it makes her job more fun with a few party and waterhole stops.  




Night clubs in Pattaya and Bangkok




Tonys disco is closed now but was a fun place with live music and girls ready to party all night. The place was owned by a thai guy called Tony that also had a chain of gyms and restaurants.


Behind the curtain. Nat from Showgirls at LK Metro. A place where you could get grilled pork a beer and strip at 12 noon for 65 thai bath, which is about 2 USD. Perfect way to start the day in Thailand yes?


Bikini party


House wife


Ready for pole dancing. Maybe the best pole dancer in Pattaya…


Birthday party for Mama San


Bar girl at my hotel


Red Five Bar Lk Metro Soi Bukhao Pattaya City


Sugar sugar agogo hmm maybe inappropriate but what the hell its Pattaya


Lucifer is jumping on weekends and always have band from USA to rock the house every night




Living dolls a gogo. Here I owe money. Simply because I went there and start drinking not thinking about how much money I had on me. So in the end I could not pay the bill so I went to a stripper girl I knew and told her to ask Mama San if it was ok I paid later. Later the girl came back and told me not to pay anything since I was such a good customer I could walk out for free. Who would know this could happen in Pattaya?? I was amazed and it changed my view on some thai people in Pattaya.    


Typical bar in Pattaya


Hip Hop place on Walking Street Pattaya


Just another bar on Walking Street


Another gogo at Walking Street where it all happens


Queen Club got beer for 65 bt so I often went here


Champagne a gogo at LK Metro

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