The water in Ganges River is septic but its also holy that’s why we swim in it…

The water in Ganges river is holy which is why locals use the river for showering, shave, swim, buffalo shower, corps burning, yoga, meditation, dumping dead baby corps and much more…On the same stretch of 7 kilometers of river running through the city of Varanasi 30 sewers discharge into the water…Cheers and bottoms up. In a Lonely Planet edition they claim that the water in 2005 was septic however in recent years India have claimed that a program was on its way in order to clean and filter the water, not sure how this took off…

Why visit Varanasi and Ganges River: Varanasi is a messy stinking polluted city and Indias holist city. There isnt much to do here. The only reason to come here is because of the life at the river site which is quite unique and fantastic.

Best experience: The best you can do is to take a boat down the river in order to see the river life first hand from the water amazing experience and very inspiring and veery good vibes

Worst experience: Varanasi is full of bandits hustlers and thieves just waiting to rob you for everything you got. Especially around the train station is inffected by no-gooders.

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This is the Ganges where 60.000 people shower every day while sewer discharge right into the river…


My first captain down Ganges to see cremations as in burning of dead people


A common sight in India; small children with no close on playing in the street


Naked boy at Ganges River


Rowing rowing rowing. The boat men could row for hours without a stop and only earning 5 USD for half a day. Pretty though guys hah…


Fishing for dead babies and cow corps….


My boat man for the early morning. Strong man!


All the different temples and buildings was holy in some way


Grafitti at Ganges. The river attracts a lot of creative artistic people.


Such a nice vibe around the river site that you just had to walk down there every day


Laundry service


In rain season the water overflows into the sand shore


The old man in the water was doing some kind of ritual with the water. He kept on moving the water away from him self


Girl selling candles that you light up and put in the water and then make a wish. I dint have any money so she gave me one and I could pay her later. Early morning the day after I walked down to get on my boat trip – guess who was waiting for me at 6 in the morning ready to collect…Shit yeah 20 rupies is a lot of money for a local – it equals 25 cent.


Ganges is a different place then anything else I have seen


Well nothing compares to India when it comes to chaos and colors and more chaos…


Hectic at the river site. So many people come down here everyday.


Me and the Ganges River. Shes a real bitch hah…


The cremation you can see smoke from a burning corps. If you dont know how burning flesh smells its like an over grilled steak


Ganges is colorful as so many different people come to the river everyday to wash and pray, meditate and shave, yoga and relax, oh yeah its the social place to be at


From my hotel balcony. I was told to always lock windows and doors in my room because of wild thieve monkeys, wonder where they learned how to stell!


From here I was setting and watching the sun go down every night


My view from my hotel


My second boat trip down the river for the cermony


Ganges is more beautiful at night as the light comes on and all the stuff you dont like seams to disapear

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