Goodbye Guatemala hello Honduras

After 2 weeks in Guatemala with volcano trekking, coffee crawling, food festival and lake sailing in Antigua and Atitlan, I have reached Honduras after 6 hours in a mini shuttle. Honduras seem safe as there is an armed policeman on every street corner of Copan City. Went to see the Maya ruins today which was great as I was all alone in the park.

 (Click on picture to enlarge)

I shot this photo on my way to Copan Ruinas. A short walk from Copan town. You walk from the town and 10 minutes after you are finding youself inside the jungle with pre historic ruinas. Amazing!


From left Sebastian, Phylis, behind me Rogier and me – Jeff was playing photographer



Me at Copan Ruinas. A nice place without too many visitors. I could walk around alone most of the time

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