Diving the Red Sea and Giza trip Egypt April 2002

In April 2001 I went to Egypt with me dad to dive relax and see Giza and the Sfinkse. The diving was amazing and the pyramids was an awesome sight. We stayed at Sharm El Sheik which is a holiday resort town but it has it charm and nice spots.

Why go to Egypt: Great diving

Best experience: Cheap diving

Worst experience: Local tudors and beggears

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My dad - The sponsor of many of my trips. We went with bus all the way from Sharm El Sheik to Cairo. 6 hours in bus but it was all worth it except for the aggresive and psuhing sales men at the Giza.


The Sfinks


Very impressive sand castels;-)


The camel drivers around this place are crazy and do anything for business


Me and me dad in front of the three largest pyramids in the world


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