World Cup June 2010 South Africa + Mozambique diving

The World Cup in South Africa was one of the most fantastic and brilliant experiences I have ever had. I was looking forward to this event for about four years or ever since it was announced that South Africa was going to be the host country for this fantastic once-in-a-life-time-experience. I was following the progress in South Africa on the internet years before the world cup in terms of stadium building, the qualifications, the organizing and ticket situation. I remember weeks before everything got a bit more exciting as a volcano on Iceland erupted which closed the air zone in most of Europe wich had me looking for alternatives means of transportation to get to Africa. Hahaha happy it all went great after all.  

Why go to a football World Cup: To watch first hand a country and a world nation going crazy about football – people from all walks of life united

Best experience: Denmark beat Cameroon and all the hugs to fellow Danish people and some locals

Worst experience: Loosing to Holland in a bad way

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We were staying in Soweto the larges township in Africa at Lebos Soweto Backpackers. A very different sleeping experience away from the hotels and traditional accommodation options. First time I heard about it was when watching TV in Denmark the owner was on TV telling people that his backpacker place in Soweto was open for football fans during the World Cup; that when I knew Michael and I had to stay here for a while. And the atmosphere here was different but great in its own right. Something I will never forget. Based on staying at this place we also got an interview with Danish TV about our different way of ‘doing’ the World Cup…


The hostel came with a very nice outdoor bar and table football or Fusball and…


…a football pitch in Soweto. While we were staying here a group of retired Danish football players came to visit the place and played a game with some local players from Soweto. What is the chances for that to happen?


The locals were cooking for us everyday while we were playing football with the local kids and went on sightseeing around Johannesburg


Nothing better than a South African brai which is a barbeque South African style


And the local Soweto band was playing while kids were dancing and while the girls were cooking


Michael and the local kids. All the local kids came down to the hostel everyday to talk with us and play with or callphones and use our Vuvuzela


The Vuvuzela the most annoyeing instrument in the world


Lebo himself the founder of the hostel


At night we lit up the fire as temperature would drop down to 15 degrees. It was always a good time as the locals came out to talk with all the football crazy foreingers.


We were staying in the caravans to the right for 3 days which was a bit cold at night hence the barrels with fire


Very happy after printing my world cup tickets for Denmark Vs. Nederlands, Denmark Vs. Cameroon and Denmark Vs. Japan. I already forgot how it went;-) I mean we didnt advance so I wanted to forget.


Also my friend Michael was very excited about getting his tickets. He was actually cheering for two teams Denmark and Ghana, so we also got tickets for germany Vs. Ghana later on.



First match was against the strong Dutch team and we were living together with three Dutch guys at Lebos Backpacker so we started early drinking beer and teasing each others before the big game at Johannesburg Soccer City Stadium 


Soccer City the new build stadium with enough seats to house 95.000 spectators a fantastic sight from the outside and inside as well


Michael getting the Danish flag on both sides then we were ready for singing, dancing and drinking 3 hours before kick off… 


South Africans in the Bafana Bafana shirt


People from all walks of life was coming to see the match between Denmark and Holland


A fantastic vibe everywhere around the stadium


Hmm Denmark was the only Scandinavian team that made it to The 2010 World Cup in South Africa


Danish fans singing and drinking beer in the sun before the match


In terms of singing and drinking and partying Denmark beat Holland by far


The crowd was wild when we finally entered the stadium. I will never forget the fantastic awesome atmosphere that day


A spectacular sight – absolutely amazing!


Stadium was packed with football fans


The vuvuzela was a discussed item at the world cup in South Africa. Its a traditional instrument in South African football but also very noisy and Fifa considered to band it for the world cup – that was not recieved well among South African fans


Christina Poulsen


The match ends 2-0 to Holland


After the loose to Holland it was time to get out of the city and time for some pretty outdoor sights so we went to Pilgrims Rest 3 hours drive north east from Johannesburg


Michael at Luks Potholes


Michael and I at Blyde River Canyon


Stunning!! The Three Rundavels…


Even in the most remote corners of the country there was a vibrant world cup fever  


Had to show them some moves of my own. Judging by their face expressions I think they like:-)


For Denmarks next match against Cameroon in Pretoria, we went to stay with a South African family which was a nice experience


Ready to get our drink on before the Denmark Vs. Cameroon match. An important game as we lost to Holland and had to win this one…


While football fans were partying outside…


…Michael was socializing with the famous Danish football people inside…This is Birger Pithersen


Flemming Toft and Martin Laursen…and me


…and I was digging into African culture;-)


Michael looking very serious before the game, not even girls would loose him up.


This is a funny picture. Check out the guys in background. They are having a great time!


Ulla and Michael. A hard talk about football


This is what happen when you mix guys, football and beer


Danish fan with local Afrikaaners


 After winning over Cameroon we found a local bar and celebrated with Danish fans all night. It was good finally having points in the cup


The next three days we could relax and enjoy a hot air balloon safari at Pilansberg NP. We had to get up 3 in the morning and drive into no man land for a while before getting to the place for balloon departure. While waiting for the balloon and staff to arrive we found out that the people we were going to do the trip with also was from Denmark. Big surprise.


The view is great from a balloon especially in Pilansberg game reserv


The lion. One of the big fives.


Here we met Suarez and Forlan and the rest of the Uruguayen team. At this world cup they made it quite far beating Ghana in the quater final, something Michael was not too happy about.


Me and Forlan. Yeah crazy but we met the entire Urguayen team in a safari area so why not ask for a photo.


South African fan at the important France Vs. South Africa game. We went to feel the vibe from the locals.


The last game against Japan. We had to win to qualify.


It was a nervous evening


Drunk Danish fans


After we lost the important game to Japan we went to Cape Town for some regular holiday. This is our hotel room. Very nice. Hippo Boutique Hotel


Müzenberg Beach


Helicopter trip around Cape Town, 12 Apostels and Lions Head


Green Point Stadium in Cape Town newly build for the world cup


Cape Town is the most amazing and fantastic city in the world


The view to Lions Head and Green Point Stadium from the helicopter. Cape Town is beautiful from the air and from the street level.  


Our rented car. Nothing better then a top down when driving in Cape Town. We found the car at Classic Motors – a German owned place where they had all different kinds of old classic cars which was polished and shined by an old german man who was nursing the cars all day.


Cape Twon is a great city to drive around in as the roads are good, you have mountains everywhere and the sea all along the road


The man and the car. Nothing better then crusing around Cape Town in a open car


Cape Town with The Table Mountain as backdrop. Cape Town is one of the most lively cities in the World and offers some of the best food, bars, night life and alway son the best locations.  


DSC_0244 (2)

Take this place. A fantastic restaurant actually one of my favorite places in Cape Town. Below I have listed some links to some great restaurants in Cape Town.



Simons Town just outside Cape Town. The city is intoxicating


Simons Town


Cape of Good Hope the very end of South Africa. Next stop Antarctica


Tofu Beach Mozambique


The way to Tofu Beach from Maputo the road was constructed by the Chinese


Sightseeing! Whale sharks is a common sight when diving at Tofu


…so is dolphins

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