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Thailand & Nepal June 2007-2008

In 2007 I went on another long trip. This time the main reason was to study in China as a part of an exchange with Copenhagen Business School, but before my studies began in September I had three months in Thailand and Nepal. After the studies in China I went back to Thailand to meet my cusin and three friends from Denmark. See the photos from a long but exciting journey through Asian culture;-)

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Sai in Bangkok. Sai was a thai girl I met in Bangkok in 2006 and when I came back in 2007 we stayed together in Bangkok.  


Sais toilet bag at Koh Samet. I was drinking tea but I cant remember why…


Myself and from left; Michel, Damian and Michael. I remember this night as was it yesterday. We were partying at The Green Mango in Samui all night drinking vodka redbull and buckets, in the early morning I was all alone but met Damian at another party down by the lake at 6 in the morning. Wauu good times like this must come back one day I hope.


Myself at Koh Samet at the end of my trip in 2008.


He might be the most crazy taxi driver in Thailand. He was singing and dancing to Madonnas greatest hits…I think at one time he was flashing a nipple…


Damian late night on scooter taxi (nice photo Damian) never know where you went on your secret small trips out of town;-)


When Damian knew what “ham yai” meant, he couldnt stop talking to the thais about it…


Nice picture from Samui beach outside Ark Bar. A very popular place for up market tourists…I remember we spend a great deal of time here just chilling and got our drinks on before hitting the discos…


Shooting the Remington shotgun with the guys..letting out some steam and not taking it out on all the poor thai girls at night;-)


Samui National Park I never forget the boat ride to this place. The boat went up and down for 2 hours straight when it hit that surface from a wave it gave a loud baang and we got shaken around in the boat like crazy still the local guide insisted that we got a coke with a straw – total impossible to drink anything on that ride. Remember the guide: ‘let me give you some kind of information’… 


Koh Phi Phi Don Island. A place I use to return to from 2000 till 2008


Been snorkelling with the funky bunch


Always get the taylor suits when going to Thailand


Simpson fucking Osama Bin Laden and Michael is having a great laugh


Drunk Drunk Drunk but looking good…


The funky bunch + Sai at the bridge over The River Quai


Damian and Michael at the tiger conservation center with the famous monk named….well cant remember but visit the place. People think the tigers are drogged and shit. They are not drogged.


Maya Bay. Leonardo Decaprio and Alex Garland made this beach famous in the same Hollywood movie called “The Beach” from 1998 I think…


Koh Chang postcard image. Love this picture to death


Sai; one of the most beautiful people in the world. She just happen to be my girlfriend from 2006 till 2009. Sai sorry I never came back to Bangkok…


Tooooo many buckets tooo little self control. We got Michael to buy the Prodigy cd so we could play “I gonna send him to another place, to find another race”….

Damian chilling outside Ark Bar


Sai at Koh Chang


Nepal 2007:

After some months in Thailand I went to Nepal to do some hiking and meet a friend in Katmandu

Elefant safari


Me outside a old old shop in Katmandhu

Elefant safari in the wild Nepal




A wise man or holy man in Katmandu


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